Mermaid Fund Money Box Frame

Mermaid Fund Money Box Frame

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 This money box is the perfect way for your child to save up for a mermaid ;) .

The box frames measure approx. 9x9 and can be hung on the wall or propped up against the wall. The panel is made of acrylic and has a small slot to place the money in. Money is easily removed by taking the back panel off.

I have frames in 6 different colours; white, wood, black, pink, blue and distressed wood, so please add a note of which frame you would like (If one isn't chosen it will come with a black frame). The main Decal is also available in many colours and will be personalised with your child's name. The backing paper will be matched to the colours selected and will be different from the one shown in the image (The backing in the image is Mermaid Glitter vinyl, which can be selected for slightly more)

I have a selection of money boxes in my shop and can do custom designs if you are saving up for something specific. Anything is possible so please drop me a message with you're requirements and I will design something just for you.